Using pictures from other MLS listings - Don't !  


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03/05/2019 11:24 pm  

According to the MLS Rules in order to use a picture from another listing that is listed by another broker, one must obtain a written permission from the Copyright owner.

So today I ran across a listing where another agent who used my photo in his listing (F10169454). I guess that he thought it was okay if he flips it and covers the watermark that I placed on the original picture. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My Original: 


The one he posted on his listing:


I even gave his broker a courtesy call and advised him to have the picture removed so that I don't have to report a violation, he claimed that its is not a violation. So, violation is reported.


I guess I should have included in the Suggested Error Correction to fine the agent, as they should if it is not the first violation. 😎 

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