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The true pride of our company.

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Photo of Richard “Rich” Kish
Cell Phone: 305-804-1990
Photo of Andrew Knight
Andrew Knight Web dev, Tech, Design
Cell Phone: 954-778-7117
Photo of Sherry Laing
Sherry Laing Associate
Cell Phone: 954-665-9814
Photo of Rob Marino
Rob Marino REALTOR Associate
Cell Phone: 917-335-1805
Photo of Carmin Maurice
Cell Phone: 954-274-8672
Photo of Kyle Meredith
Kyle Meredith Associate
Cell Phone: 817-658-6631
Photo of Larry Milligan
Larry Milligan Broker – Pres
Work Phone: 954-720-7111
Photo of Cynthia O’Riordan
Cynthia O’Riordan Associate Access International Realty
Cell Phone: 954-675-2663
Photo of Joseph Paulin
Joseph Paulin Associate
Cell Phone: 954-937-3090
Photo of Amandine Pomin
Cell Phone: 305-927-0034
Photo of Olga Reidy
Olga Reidy Associate
Cell Phone: 561-752-6409
Photo of Erickson Roque
Cell Phone: 954-806-6647
Photo of Rod Shirazi
Rod Shirazi Associate
Cell Phone: 754-226-6677
Photo of Gloria Stockhammer
Gloria Stockhammer Associate Access International Realty
Cell Phone: 954-464-1770
Photo of Johana Vallejos
Cell Phone: 908-380-1212
Photo of Olga Weaver
Olga Weaver Associate
Cell Phone: 954-471-9337
Photo of Stav Yaloz
Stav Yaloz Associate
Cell Phone: 954-899-8269

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