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To Show or Not to Show During Covid

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To show or not to show during a pandemic?!  Covid has thrown the real estate business of showing properties and marketing them in an entirely new way.

Listings!  How do we get people into the homes but also provide a safe way to show and sell the property.

Tell your clients that they have to be respectful with showings. Don't take it lightly. 

Show only homes that your clients are actually interested in after driving the street, the neighbourhood and check out the outside of the home to see if it is worth taking a closer look.

When you pull the trigger and decide to make the appointment follow these helpful tips. Wear a mask and gloves. I know!  Just wear it!  Gloves will protect everyone.  

If your the listing agent wipe everything down and ask your clients don't touch anything. I would encourage everyone to not touch the doors as well.

After the showing use wipes and clean all door knobs. 

Best of luck looking into the future of Covid.

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