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Margate Public Meeting Re: Carolina Club Golf Course Land Use Alternative Development Scenarios

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Notice of Public Meeting

Florida Real Estate Value Fund III, LP (Applicant) submitted an application to the City of Margate requesting a large scale amendment to the Future Land Use Map (FLUM) proposing development of approximately 142 acres within the Carolina Club Golf Course from Commercial Recreation to multifamily Residential lands comprised of approximately 52 acres of R(4) and approximately 90 acres of R(3) respectively.  Further, Applicant also submitted an application to rezone the property from Open Space District (S2) to Planned Residential Community District (PRC).

Florida Statutes Chapter 163 requires that during consideration of a proposed FLUM amendment by the local planning agency and local governing body; procedures shall provide for broad dissemination of the proposals and alternatives, opportunity for written comments, public hearings as provided herein, provisions for open discussion, communications programs, information services, and consideration of and response to public comments. (Section 163.181 (2), Florida Statutes)

The purpose of this Public Meeting is to present four alternative development scenarios including the Applicant’s for consideration by the public.  Copies of the alternatives will be available at the meeting.  The meeting is not intended to collect public input or comments on the alternatives.

Public comments on the application will be taken during a formal public hearing before the Local Planning Agency (LPA), also known as the City of Margate Planning and Zoning Board, at a date and time to be determined. At that hearing, the public may present additional alternatives or combinations of alternatives for consideration by the LPA.

The LPA will then make recommendations to the Margate City Commission, which will hold a formal public hearing at a future time and date to be determined. At the Commission’s public hearing, comments on the alternatives or alternative proposals from the public will again be considered. Following that public hearing, it is expected that the City Commission will take action on the application.   

A public presentation of the Margate Future Land Use Map Alternative Development Scenarios for the Carolina Club Golf Course Lands will take place at 7 p.m. on Thursday, October 10th in the City Commission Chambers at City Hall, 5790 Margate Boulevard.

Any person with a disability requiring auxiliary aids and services for this meeting may call the City Clerk's office at (954) 972-6454 with their request at least two business days prior to the meeting date.

One or more members of the City of Margate City Commission and City of Margate advisory boards may be in attendance and may participate at the meeting.