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Sellers Check List- Home Projects while at home during COVID-19

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Now is the BEST time to get your property ready to list after our current situation has passed. Buyers will be ready to jump on the low low interest rates and you should be ready as well after you sell.
Don’t be fooled. There are many buyers out there ready to purchase their dream property!
Since we are all social distancing and spending a lot more time at home I thought that I would put together a list of things that potential sellers can do with their added free time.
1. Evaluating the house!
-Is the house cluttered at all? This includes closets and drawers. Usually the longer we own the property the more things we like to collect!
-Are there rooms that have not had the attention they deserve? Paint colors, old paint job, collection room, etc.
-Extra things that could be sold or donated that you’re not using any longer?
2. Organize it! Each room, every closet, and every drawer!
-Since you will be listing the property and really want to sell you will want to get rid of anything that you are not using: box it up if you are keeping it, throw it away, or sell or donate it!
-Remember that buyers want to see the space. Get everything possible put away.
-Organized closet and drawers will show that you are organized and really take good care of things in the home that you have lived in.
3. Kitchens! Kitchens are a big selling point for buyers.
-Take EVERYTHING off the counters! I mean everything! It will allow buyers to see themselves in the kitchen cooking and will show off those countertops!
-Pantries cleaned out as well to show more space.
Now is the BEST time to get the property ready.
4. Clean it! Clean houses sell faster! Everyone loves a really clean property!
5. Curb appeal! If you have outdoor space here are some simple ideas.
-Declutter your entrance.
-No wreaths, extra things on the door, or around the entryway on the exterior of your home. Remember you want to keep it simple and allow buyers to see the property as their own.
-Keep it neutral.
-Welcome mat! Make sure that you have a neutral welcome mat.
-Pull the weeds and make sure that the area is cleaned up. Swept and washed if needed!
-Fresh mulch and a mow is always nice. Since we have free time, put down a few bags of mulch or have it done for you.
6. Painting!
-Painting is a cheap and easy way to update your home.
-Think about neutral colors that future buyers would enjoy. Remember you’re going to sell so it is not always about what color you want for your space. Stay away from bright or loud colors.
-Bright White in the bathrooms will make the space brighter and really show well! Paint the entire bathroom the same white including the ceiling. I prefer a flat finish.
-Closets always look bigger and brighter painted white as well! Fresh!
7. Windows! Covering and cleaning!
-Keep The drapes and rods neutral. Remove any that are not. It is better to have none at all.
-Install wood faux white blinds. It’s an easy and cheap way to brighten up a room. Have them delivered!
-Clean the Inside and outside of the windows. Allow as much light into the rooms as possible and they will look bigger.
When we meet for the listing appointment and discuss how we are going to market your property you can show me all your projects from the list above.
When you’re at home feel free to reach the MLS and send me a few listings that you might want to look at after we SELL your place! Always fun to look!
Stay safe!
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