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"FPL Home" Exterior Electric Line Coverage - A scam ?

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Andrew K
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You might get this official looking letter that looks like its from FPL, but it is not from FPL. It is from "FPL Home" rather than Florida Power & Light Company. Read the print on the bottom and you will quickly see that this is a contract with HomeServe USA and it has nothing to do with FPL. Do you homework before you sign or accept anything. Remember, always read the fine print.

A quick google search for "HomeServe USA Reviews" will reveal what they are all about.

Below is a sample of one of their letters.

WhatsApp Image 2019 07 14 at 5.08.11 PM
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Larry M
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So basically, FPL set up a subsidiary, that is not regulated, so they could sell FPL customer records to a third party company, to provide a service that they will never actually have to perform, because of all the exceptions and exclusions, and FPL make a cut of the proceeds through their unregulated subsidiary since doing this through FPL directly would be illegal.